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We provide the best local instrumentalists and vocalists, from solo pianists to a full symphony orchestra with choir, and everything in between. Style is no object; from classical to jazz, pop to rock, acoustic or amplified, we will give you exactly what you want. Below is a selection of what we offer, though we specialise in customising our services and ensembles to suit your specific needs.


Solo Pianist

Solo Violinist

Solo Cellist

Solo Vocalist

Any Other Instrument

Small Ensemble

Vocalist with Accompaniment

Violin and Piano Duo

Cello and Piano Duo

String Duo (Violin and Cello)

String Trio

Jazz Trio

Rock Band

String Quartet

Brass Quintet

Wind Quintet

Vocal Quartet (4 Musicians)

Vocal Ensemble (8 Musicians)

Large Ensemble

String Orchestra (9-28 Musicians)

Jazz Orchestra/Big Band (17 Musicians)

Brass Band (25-30 Musicians)

Chamber Orchestra (20-40 Musicians)

Symphony Orchestra (57-100 Musicians)

Choir (20-120 Musicians)


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